Italian Gelato è Molto Buono

Gelato is the word for ice cream but it is so much better than normal ice cream. The Italians keep it at the perfect temperature. It is soft but not melted. The fillings (nuts, fruit, candy, etc) are ground up into tiny pieces. In this way you get tremendous flavor. The gelato turns the color of the filling. Our favorites Nocciola (Hazelnut).  It is a light brown color full of hazelnut flavor. Cool and soft on the tongue.

Nocciola Gelato

Hazelnut Gelato

So what is gelato and why is it so different from ice cream? Wikipedia defines it as lower in calories, sugars and fats than normal ice cream. We love the soft creamy flavor of gelato. As I have said before everything in Europe and especially Italy is lower in sugar. Rather than the sweetness, it is the flavor that counts.

As you go into a typical Gelateria, you see a long counter filled with many gelato flavors. It takes time to browse them all. They will give you a taste on a tiny plastic spoon. So don’t be shy. Ask for a taste and get the best flavor for you. You can get your gelato in a cup (of various sizes), cone,  sugar cone or waffle cone. It is typical to see many people licking their gelato on the street near a Gelateria.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Italian Gelato è Molto Buono

  1. Nocciola is my favorite also. I do not eat ice cream in Australia however in Italy it is a gelato a day for me.

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