Beaches near Rome Italy

We usually don’t think of beaches and Rome together or at least I don’t. But Rome is near the sea and there are some nice beaches there. Rome can get very hot in the summer especially in August. When the heat gets to you … head to the sea. Revealed Rome lists 5 beaches near Rome worth a visit:

  1. Sperlonga – Most picturesque – about 2 hrs south of Rome.
  2.  Fregene – Best nightlife – about 40 minutes west of Rome.
  3. Santa Marinella – Prettiest and most convenient – about an hour north of Rome.
  4. Sabaudia – Most pristine and it is free – about 1.5 hours south of Rome.
  5. Anzio – Cleanest beach – a little over an hour south of Rome.

Beaches near Rome


Beaches near Rome 2

Town of Sperlonga

These beaches are small towns worth exploring and great beaches to catch some sun or take a dip in the sea. Plan an extra day or two to go to the beach when in Rome.

George & Jo Anne


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5 thoughts on “Beaches near Rome Italy

  1. Helpful for future use. Thanks.

  2. Yes George I don’t think of beaches when I think of Rome. Very interesting. Gosh there is so much to see and do in Italy

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