Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is usually thought of as a place to see ancient ruins and great museums. It is also a place to enjoy great food, chocolates, gelato and wine. Italy is also known for great beaches. They use a Blue-Flag designation to indicate clean great beaches. Italy has many of them. The water is greenish near shore and dark clear blue farther out. The sand can be white soft sand, volcanic black sand or rocky. Most Americans want the white soft sand.

The travel Channel listed the top beaches in Italy:

  1. Amalfi Coast –  The best and most crowded areas are between Positano and Amalfi. Many beaches are eroded and are of the volcanic black type of sand or small pebbles. The views are to die for. Our favorite place is Positano. This very hilly city is beautiful and friendly. It has great ferry service to the entire Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri and Naples.
  2. Capri – The beaches here are made of pebbles and are small but again the views are magnificent. Capri can be expensive because it is the playground of the rich and famous.
  3. Italian Riviera – This is a magnificent area of golden sandy beaches. Rock cliffs are everywhere. This is every bit as impressive as the French Riviera.
  4. Tuscany – Tuscany is normally known for Florence, small towns, art and wine but it also has great white sandy beaches.
  5. Sicily – You can find white sandy beaches and exotic black sand beaches here. Sicily is and island and has many beaches. You can drive here or take trains or airplanes. Driving and the train are linked by the ferry (your car or train is loaded onto the ferry).
  6. Sardinia – You will find some of the best resorts and beaches here. There are many miles of great beaches.
  7. Tremiti Islands – Has great sandy beaches and is located in the Adriatic Sea.
  8. Venice – We don’t think of beaches in Venice but on the Lido Island there are great sandy beaches.
  9. Southern Campania – South of the Amalfi Coast is a little known (to Americans) resort area. There are many towns that have great pure sandy beaches and the water is to die for. We love Marina Casal Velino and Ascea. The train serves many of these resorts and it is also an easy drive from Salerno south.

Where ever you plan to be in Italy, you can find fun beaches with more than sun and sand. Many are in interesting small towns that beg to be explored.

George & Jo Anne


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