B&Bs in Italy

An alternative to hotels or rental homes in Italy are B&Bs. Just like here in the US, they are very popular in Italy. You can find B&Bs all over Italy. They are in the north & south. Every major city has them. How do you find them? There are many listings on the Internet. One such site is Airbnb. They have listing of B&Bs all over Italy. One interesting one is Casa Bella in Positano. This is a home with one bedroom for rent. The owners live below in a separate apartment. It has great views of the sea.

Some B&Bs offer breakfast others do not. In Italy, breakfast is not so important. Forget American breakfasts. You are in Italy. The trick is to go to the nearest bar (they are everywhere). Order a Cafè (espresso), Doppio (double) or cafè American (American coffee). You can also order tea. They have a wide selection of fruits and pastries. These are great pastries and worth going off your diet for. Sit at a table or stand at the bar like an Italian. This is breakfast Italian style and it is very cheap and delicious.

Staying at a B&B gets you out of a commercial hotel and into a private home. You feel as if you belong there. You are part of the community. Get to know your neighbors. Be romantic and enjoy your stay in Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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One thought on “B&Bs in Italy

  1. B&B’s are a great alternative

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