Can I afford Italy

So you want to spend 6 months, a year or move to Italy. Can you afford food? The good news is Yes … Yes … Yes! Large cities are more expensive than smaller ones just like here in the USA. Eating out or buying food and cooking at home can be reasonable in Italy. USA Today wrote an article on the cost of food in Italy. They concluded:

  • Eating out is about $20/day. Breakfast at a bar is about $2.50, Lunch at a bar is about $ 3 to #6. Dinner at a trattoria is about $10 to $15. Breakfast is usually a pastry and coffee, lunch is a sandwich (panini and coffee or wine or beer and dinner is pasta or local meat/fish.
  • Buying food to cook at home is inexpensive. Fruits and vegetables are very cheap and usually grown organic locally. Meat or fish is local and reasonably priced. Pizzas can be ordered to take out (more so in the south).

Don’t be sucked into expensive hotel breakfasts (serving American breakfasts). Eat like you are an Italian. Bars are your friend even if you are not a drinker! They are very crowded for breakfast but lines move quickly. Same for lunch. Panini are stacked on the bar in a napkin. Eat what you want and drink water, soda, beer or wine. Some even serve pasta of the day and gelato (ice cream). Trattorias are a step up from the bar and have tables to sit and enjoy a meal. You can usually order pastas, vegetables, meats and fish. Order what is from local providers. If you are in warmer weather eat out side and enjoy life around you.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Can I afford Italy

  1. More great information. George you write many super interesting blog stories.

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