Staying in and getting around Rome

Rome is a magical city of old and new. It is modern new and Roman old. You can not walk the streets of Rome without seeing both worlds. As they dig to build a new building, they hit old Roman ruins. They are protected by Italian law. They may build the lobby of the building around the ruins. How cool is that? Rome is a city of architecture, narrow streets, shops, restaurants, bars and a lot of very modern people.

Rome has great public transportation. It has busses and subways (Metro) that you can take anywhere. It is a safe and easy to use system. We had wonderful weather in the end of December beginning of January. It was cool but not too cold so we walked everywhere. Try to stay central to what you wanted to see. We stayed at Hotel Trevi (around the corner from Trevi Fountain). It was the hub of a wheel that led out to all the sites we  wanted to see.

  • Trevi Fountain
  • Colosseum
  • Old Rome
  • Vatican City & Saint Peters
  • Castel d’Angelo
  • Spanish Steps
  • Villa Borghese
  • Pantheon
  • The many piazzas of Rome
  • Shops

The longest walk was to Saint Peters and Vatican City. Vatican city is a separate country from Italy. The Pope is the president and the Swiss Guard its army. Walk the streets of Rome and enjoy what you see. Stop for a gelato or a Prosecco (Italian Champagne) at a bar. Drop into small stores and enjoy the city and its people. The old history is important but the modern city and people are as well.

George & Jo Anne


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One thought on “Staying in and getting around Rome

  1. Once again very interesting and very informative George

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