Now What in Italy

OK we are well fed and have been exercising by walking, what do we do now? Your first visits to Italy should be to the big cities:

  1. Rome
  2. Venice
  3. Florence
  4. Naples

We also like Milan because it is such a fashion capital. If you have extra time on one of these trips head to nearby smaller towns. If you have already seen these major attractions, plan a trip to seaport and mountain town.

We visited Rome and had two extra days so we planned two trips outside of Rome. One to the north and one to the south:

  • Orvieto – A town atop of bluff. It is magnificent and can easily be walked from one end to the other. As you approach the duomo, you are shocked! Here a magnificent huge cathedral exists in a piazza. Your first view is from the small streets leading to the piazza. From Rome you take a train north to Orvieto. As you exit the train you cross the street and take a funicular up the bluff to the city. The streets and people here are wonderful. The restaurants are magnificent. If you are driving, you must park at the bottom and walk up or take the funicular. Only some resident cars are permitted up into the city.


  • Pompeii – Take a train or drive south just past Naples to Pompeii. It lies in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii is an ancient Etruscan (then Roman) city destroyed when Vesuvius erupted violently. The city is amazing. Only the wooden roofs are gone. The stone buildings still stand. Huge wealthy homes with courtyards and inside baths. You wouldn’t mind living in these today. They had running water and sewers. The knowledge they had is mind-boggling.

We always look at where we plan to go and find small interesting towns nearby. Then we plan how far a drive it will be or if there is a good train service. Enjoy and explore Italy, it’s romantic!

George & Jo Anne


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One thought on “Now What in Italy

  1. I have not yet visited Orvieto but I have heard so many good things about it. I will get there one day. Of course Pompeii is a must

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