Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is a small mountain top town in Umbria. It is north of Rome and can be easily gotten to by car or train. The train station and free parking lot are at the base of the butte. The butte is of limestone and volcanic ash. It goes straight up on all sides and town sits on the top. It is flat and easy to walk. From the train station or parking lot take the funicular up the butte to the town. There is a bus that will shuttle you to the piazza with the duomo (cathedral). You can easily walk around this town.

IMG_5400 a


There is a large fort at the top of the funicular. Inside you have great views down to the train station and countryside. Walking straight out of the funicular is Corso Cavour, follow this to the bell tower in the center of the city and make a left at Via del Duomo. The duomo is in a Piazza at the end of this road.

IMG_5422 Clock Tower IMG_5426

                                          Bell tower                                      Duomo

The duomo is so large it is hard to believe it is in this small city. On Via del Duomo there are ceramic and leather shops with fantastic local products. Restaurants abound in this area. In Piazza Duomo there is a small trattoria. You can eat outside with great views of the duomo.



Walk the narrow streets and enjoy this great city. If you go back to Corso Cavour and go left to the end, you are at the back side of the city with views of the countryside.


Countryside Views

 This is a city worth a stop. If you have time spend a night here and get to know the local people. As you ride the funicular down you are a little sad that you are leaving Orvieto. There is a fantastic local white wine here called Orvieto and Orvieto Classico. What a romantic place!

George & Jo Anne


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  1. Another town on my places to visit list

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