Capri Italy

Capri is an Island off the coast of Sorrento and south-west of Naples. It is the playground of the rich and famous. To get to Capri you must take a ferry. There are two types: 1) the fast hydrofoils and 2) the slow boats. The hydrofoils cost more but cut the time almost in half. All boats arrive at Capri at the Marina Grande (Big Marina). If you are spending the night, there are porters here that take your bags to your hotel for a small fee. At first we were concerned about people grabbing our bags but it is normal here and all the hotels use them.

From the ferry you can take a bus up a winding road or a funicular up the mountain. Take the funicular. It is in a store front directly opposite the ferry docks. At the top you are in Capri City (on Capri Island) in the main square (Piazza Umberto). This is a huge Piazza with views, clock tower and restaurants. One of the roads (directly opposite the funicular exit) is Via Roma. Take this a short distance and on your right is a bus station. From here you can go to Capri’s other city, Anacapri. This trip has magnificent views of Marina Grande. You will find great ceramics here.

We also rented a boat to tour around the Island (not just the Blue Grotto). It cost us about $160. There are two restaurants near Fragolini Rock. They are down hundreds of steps but worth the view and the food. They are 1) Fontelina Beach Club and 2) Da Luigi ai Fragolini. You can also take a boat here from the small Marina (piccola Marina).

The boat trip around the Island and through Fragolini Rock is well worth the trip. You see small caves with beautiful blue waters, you can go into the famous Blue Grotto but it is usually very crowded. You go past both marinas and on the east side of the island you can see Vesuvius volcano in the distance and the start of the Amalfi Coast.

Fagolini Rock

Fragolini Rock

Capri is a romantic place with friendly people, great shops (some very expensive), great food and wine and the best views around.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Capri Italy

  1. It has been many years since I was last in Capri. So thank you for refreshing my memory about this gorgeous island

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