Benvenuti al Sud the movie

There is an Italian movie with English subtitles called Benvenuto al Sud (Welcome to the South). It is a very funny movie that tells you a lot about life in Italy between the north (NORD) and the south (SUD). It is a movie about a postman living outside of Milan that wants to work in the Milan Postoffice. He tries everything including pretending to be handicapped. It almost works but he is caught and sentenced to work in the south. He is transferred to Campania to the city of Castellabate. I have written about this wonderful town high up in the mountains.

Benvenuti al Sud

He believes everyone is wild and will mug him (like our wild west). Soon he realizes the people are friendly, the city is beautiful and he is enjoying himself. He keeps telling his wife that things are so bad because she feels sorry for him and treats him well. She decides to make a trip south to see his life. He organizes the town to use an old movie set to have gun fights and make it appear as scary as possible.

Of course she finds the truth and in the end they both make real friends of the local people. This movie had a sequel called Benvenuti al Nord. There are rumors they may be an Est (east) and Ovest (west) version in the making.

This movie is only available in PAL (European) format DVD. It will not play on most DVD or BlueRay players in the USA. Our MAC will play it as well. You can also buy cheap PAL DVD players.

Enjoy this peek into Italian folklore.

George & Jo Anne


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