Italy Anew

We are back from nearly a month in Italy. We spent a week Plus in Tuscany and two weeks plus at our home in Campania. In Campania we visited several old mountain and beach towns. Some we had already been too and others were new.

Let’s start in Tuscany. Our first stop was Perugia. This is chocolate town in Italy. It is the home of Perugina chocolates. The town is ancient with very small roads that barely permit a car to pass. We used GPS to navigate to our hotel, Fortuna. Getting into the old section was easy but we were on a one way street an a giant cylinder blocked are way.

IMG_2056 IMG_2057

After some difficulty we discovered a button that calls the hotel on the wall. After identifying ourselves, the cylinder was lowered so we could drive very carefully down this small narrow street. After unloading the luggage and checking in, we had to move the car to a parking lot. We chose to go to a lot outside the old city. The trip back and lowering the cylinder was easy. Next we turned onto an even narrower street. From here we had to make an impossible left turn on a street that we had to move the mirrors in to fit. At this point we were ready for some wine! Lots of wine …

We got the car down to the parking area and took several sets of underground escalators back up to the old city. Like many Italian towns there was a large and small piazza. The small one had an incredible view out over the hills of Tuscany.


Perugia is a series of very small roads (paths) off each Piazza.

IMG_1571 IMG_2058 IMG_2331

Finally after touring Perugia and eating some chocolate we found an outdoor cafe in the piazza for some much need wine.


You are calm and feel good in Perugia (other than the initial driving). We had excellent free wifi at our hotel and a wonderful breakfast.

IMG_2060 IMG_2059

You are part of an ancient medieval scene. Enjoy … Tomorrow we will take you to Assisi.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Italy Anew

  1. Great to have you back. I have missed your stories. The cylinder story is fascinating. Perugia is a lovely city.

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