Medieval San Gimignano

San Gimignano is our favorite small town anywhere. It is medieval, quaint and hasn’t changed much since medieval times. This is a walled city with ancient gates that access the main road inside. Driving inside is limited to residents only. You park outside and walk in. Parking is easy.

This city had 72 towers that signified wealth. Today only a few are left.


It has one main road that goes from one gate to the other. Most of the shops are along this road along with restaurants. In the middle of this road (half way between gates is the main piazza. There is a church, restaurants and an old well in the piazza. Of course being Italy, there is also a gelato store.


You can easily walk all of San Gimignano. At the southern end is a small road off the main one that leads to an outdoor restaurant up on the city wall.


Step way back in time and enjoy San Gimignano. Tomorrow we go to Florence.

George & Jo Anne


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One thought on “Medieval San Gimignano

  1. Yes George my favorite also. I have written several stories about this wonderful town

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