Home in Velina Italy

The drive south from Florence to Velina takes about 6.5 hours. We drove past Rome, Naples, Salerno and Agropoli. South of Naples you pass to the east of Mount Vesuvius. It is always humbling being close to such a large active volcano. As we exited the Autostrada at Battipaglia (south of Salerno on the A3) you know you are in Buffalo Mozzarella country, You can see buffaloes grazing and every other stores sells the rich mozzarella. In this area is also the ancient Greek ruins at Paestum.

This area of Italy is very mountainous. You know there were violent times here in the past. Today it makes for beautiful Italian countryside. We exit at Vallo Scalo and head to nearby Velina. Velina sits in a valley between high mountains and the sea.

IMG_1983 IMG_2117

The mountain peak above is Mount Stella. The view differs each day as rainbows appear and clouds come and go. The food here is mainly fresh seafood.

IMG_2821 IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2838

IMG_2985 IMG_2986

Even eating at home on our deck overlooking the mountains and sea is fun and delicious.


Life here is slow and beaches are clean. One only has to shop the local stores for vegetables, seafood, pastries, wine and bread. Each shop specializes in what they make. You don’t need big refrigerators because you buy fresh each day. There is hardly any frozen items so a freezer is to make ice.

Tomorrow and next week we will visit many small towns and beaches in this area we call home.

George & Jo Anne


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  1. This truly sounds like La dolce vita

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