Castelnuovo Cilento Italy

Castelnuovo Cilento is another ancient mountain town for people to run to during pirate raids. Today it is another sleepy small town. GPS works well to here. We use the Tom-Tom app on an iPhone. It has a church and a castle. There are small streets where the residents live. There are two basic ways up to this mountain town. One is from the SP430 highway and the other is from Velina, very close to our home. Both roads are narrow and have switch-backs. The views are incredible.

IMG_2183 IMG_2185 IMG_2186

Once up in the town you proceed to the end and turn left. This road widens and takes you to a large parking lot at the castle.


There is a good restaurant at the castle and next to the church. This town can be visited in an hour or two. Walk around the castle and look out at the views. You can sea mountains and the sea from up here. Then start at the church and walk through the narrow streets. There aren’t many so you won’t get lost. These little towns never see tourists but this is the real southern Italy. Enjoy it!

Tomorrow we will visit Casal Velino Marina, the seaside town that was part of Casal Velino (yesterday’s BLOG).

George & Jo Anne


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