The Beach at Casal Velino Marina

Casal Velino Marina is our beach town. There is a road along the beach with stores and restaurants on one side and the beach on the other. The sidewalk is lined with a row of palm trees. The beach is beautiful white sand. The water is the perfect temperature and the waves, if any, are gentle. This is not a place to surf. In the winter the waves are very strong and dangerous.

IMG_2103 IMG_2133 IMG_2135

We go to a small bar, Isola Verde, for breakfast and free WiFi. It is just across the street from the beach. They make great Cornetto (an Italian version of a croissants).


For the best pastry and cakes in the area we go to Franco’s. It is not on the beach but one street in. Gaetano, the owner, is a master baker!

IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2875

There are several restaurants in this city:

  1. Mamma Angelina – On the beach
  2. Street Stritt – Just off the beach
  3. Il Forzieria – One street off the beach

Restaurants here specialize in fresh, very fresh, seafood and fish. Yes you carnivores can get meat.  You can also pay to be part of a beach club. You will get lounge chairs, a table and a spot on the beach. Most have music, free WiFi and will serve food and drinks on the beach. You can also bring your own food or buy a sandwich (panini) from one of the local restaurants or the supermarket (next to Isola Verde).


Here we bought a panini from a pizzeria and ordered a glass of prosecco from the club. This is how to do beach.

One of our favorite restaurants especially for the pizza is La Campagnola. It gets crowded late at night. You can be parked in but they will find who owns the car and move it.


Of course if you have a kitchen like we do, you may want to buy fresh fish and cook it at home. Casal Velino Maria has a fantastic fresh fish store (pescheria). Here a local fisherman brings in his fresh catch right off his boat.

IMG_3093 IMG_3094

If the beach is what you want or you just like walking along the beach, this is a town for you. On Friday’s there is a local market on one of the side streets leading off the beach. They sell food, shoes and clothing from local area stores.

Tomorrow we will visit our town, Velina.

George & Jo Anne


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