Fast Food in Europe

I saw a show on Cypress that was talking about all the international visitors that went there. It then said it had an international cuisine and showed McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and several other American fast food chains. I have news for you, Fast Food is NOT cuisine! If you go to a foreign country and eat American Fast Food, you are missing out on the true gems of that country. Countries like Italy have unbelievably good food. It is NOT the same as Italian food in America. It is soooo much better. Go, see, experience and enjoy the food and wine.

American Fast Food

We travel to foreign countries to have new experiences. One is the people and another is the food. Yes we want to see museums and monuments but if you miss the local culture and food, you really haven’t experienced the country. You might as well sit at home with your fast food and watch a travel show on the country.

Be active and get out and see the country. Enjoy all it has to offer. The fast food will still be at home when you return.

George & Jo Anne


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  1. Absolutely

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