Thinking of Italy

Italy is on everyone’s bucket list. It is a romantic and beautiful place. Italy was created by very violent actions of nature. It was originally under the sea. It is a fault line with many active volcanos. As they erupted and slipped, a new land mass was formed. It cam up out of the sea. It continued up to form very impressive mountains. It still has some earthquakes but they are usually small and remove the fault line stresses. It does have two major active volcanos. Mt Vesuvius near Naples and Mt. Etna in Sicily.

Have you longed for a trip to romantic Italy? The northern lakes with their beauty overlooking the Alps or maybe Tuscany with its wines and romantic scenery. The cities of Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome or Naples are great places to see Italians being themselves. They also are great for seeing living history. Look at the buildings the architecture and envision the people who built these great cities. There is no architecture in the world like Rome.

Maybe you are seeking an adventure to southern Italy with its Amalfi coast and Capri or farther south into the Cilento National Park. The ancient Greek town of Paestum.  Beauty unspoiled by man. What is stopping you? Exchange rates are in your favor.

If it’s being afraid of the big tours or doing it on your own, we offer an alternative for the selective traveler to see what they want to see and spend as much time as the want. If you find a great Italian spot, the last thing you want is to be taken away by a tour bus. It would be wonderful to change your plans and just stay in your new-found location.

Italy creates many wonderful memories and experiences but you have to touch it! Get away from the crowded tourists areas and meet real Italians. See places that will change you forever. If this interest you, write me at

B-Capri bzg B-Capri be B-Capri ad D-Positano dr D-Positano ht E-Casal Velino bg C-Sorrento di G-Rome ac
Whatever you like, Italy has it. Explore, feed your romance, hunger and taste the wines of Italy.
George & Jo Anne
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