Only a day in Positano?

English: Part of Positano, Italy.

English: Part of Positano, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spent a full week in Positano and enjoyed every day there. You can go to Naples, Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi by ferry. If all you have is one day, don’t worry. Here is what to do.

Make the best of it! Come by boat (ferry) and arrive at the large beach. There are shops and the cathedral. Take the walkway over to the small beach (referred to as Lovers Lane). On the way almost to the small beach is a great restaurant on the left (La Guarracino – Via Positanesi d’America 12 Telephone: 089-875794)

Lo Guarracino1 Lo Guarracino2

with great food and magnificent views. Go back to the big beach and up the stairs to the cathedral. Take the stairs on your left up to a walkway with restaurants and shops. This ends at Positano’s one street (a narrow one way street). The bus stop is here which circles around Positano and back. It is a cheap way to see the city from different heights. Go up the street to your left (against traffic). Many great shops are here that sell ceramics, linen clothes, leather shoes and sandals. Farther up the hill are great restaurants with views. Positano is to be walked and enjoyed. It is said there are one million steps and only one road. If the stairs are too daunting, walk the road it is steep but easy to walk.

D-Positano agD-Positano ce D-Positano ci D-Positano ckD-Positano dr D-Positano el D-Positano hn

Our Table at La Guarracino 

From Positano you can get fast inexpensive ferries to neighboring towns including Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi. This is a very romantic part of Campania. Enjoy it!

George & Jo

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  1. I LOVE Positano. Your information is great with super suggestions

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