How to get Cheaper Airfares!

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme)

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you been searching for cheap airfares to Europe with no success?  Airfares are up and some are ridiculously high especially non stops. What can you do? Beware they are all the very similar but marketing tricks can suck you in. Buying your airfare a year in advance, when they are first available, can cost a big premium. There are some rules to know:

  1. Off season – If you travel outside the normal tourist season you can get substantial discounts. The destinations are much less crowded as well. You do have to be aware of climate or you could end up in a snow storm.
  2. Discount Sites – Theses sites usually offer the same prices as the airlines if you are buying only an airfare. They can provide discounts if you add in hotels or car rentals. Hotels can be at a substantial discount.
  3. Last Minute Travel – If you are retired or have a job where you can travel on a moments notice, you can save substantially. Be aware you might also be locked out from over booking. Airlines drop prices as the departure date nears and there are seats available. The more seats open the more discount they will offer.
  4. Look 3-4 days around your departure date – Checking prices before and after your departure date may help to find cheaper fares. Flying Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday instead of weekends can save you money. Most airfare sites offer an option to take the dates you entered and show you 3-4 dates on either side. They then highlight the cheapest fares.
  5. Non Stops – Non stop flights are cheaper but you might have to spend several hours to 10 hours in a connecting airport. This is not how you want to start or stop a vacation. I saw one airline offering very cheap fares Philadelphia to Rome but it connected in Moscow. That is way out-of-the-way. Some connections require and extra over night. You either sleep in the airport or you have to get a hotel room which reduces the savings.
  6. Choose your Airport – Where you depart from can make a big difference in airfares. Here in the northeast leaving from New York Kennedy can save $400 to $500 per ticket. That more than makes up for parking or van services.

Doing your homework and being a little flexible can save you a lot of money. Maybe even your hotel costs. If you are going to be staying at hotels in Europe use services that will discount hotel fees to get your airline dollars.

George & Jo Anne


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3 thoughts on “How to get Cheaper Airfares!

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  2. We still get very good prices from here in Australia. We are still paying the same prices we were paying 10 years ago. I have found that buying too far in advance is not the answer. It cost me more to SF than to Italy ?????

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