Research Italy before you go

[Forum Boario, Rome, Italy] (LOC)

[Forum Boario, Rome, Italy] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Everyone wants to go to Italy. If you are planning a trip to Italy, plan it out before you go. You don’t need a tour! Just get a book on the area you are going and determine the top 10 things to see. eliminate any that are of no interest to you. Don’t try to do all of Europe or even all of Italy in one trip. For Italy choose:

  1. Milan, alps, Verona, Venice and the lakes area, or
  2. Tuscany, or
  3. Rome (take a side trip to Naples, Pompeii or Orvietto), or
  4. Naples and the Amalfi Coast including Capri, or
  5. Sicily

Trying to do too much will get you blisters and frustration. Be an Italian and stop to enjoy what you are seeing, think of the history and those that walked these streets long ago. Think of the people there now and enjoy the food and wine. Stop to chat with store owners, people in trattoria’s or on the street. Italians love to talk. Most speak some english and can converse with you. Learn some basic phrases in Italian so they feel you have tried.

One site that provides a lot of information is the Italian Tourism Official Website. Take photographs and be kind to people. You are a visitor to their country act like one. They are NOT your servants. If you plan well and stop to enjoy life, you will come home with memories you will never forget.

If you must do multiple cities, try Venice, Florence and Rome. Take the train between the cities. Fly into Venice and out of Rome. This is more hectic than we like but if you have only one trip this is how to do it.

Remember Italy is romance! Romance should be enjoyed slowly.

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