Should you spend 4 days or less in Rome?

Castel Sant' Angelo, Roma.

Castel Sant’ Angelo, Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our humble opinion … NO! Rome is more than a city, more than a tourist destination, more than the sum of its parts. Rome is about the sights, the buildings, the ruins, the architecture, the people, the food and the wine. It is life. Italian life at its fullest. When you visit Rome take time to know it. Forget visiting 10 Italian cities in two weeks. Visit Rome for a week. You can take two side trips:

  1. Orvieto and

IMG_5424 Duomo

  1. Pompeii.

IMG_5333 a

Walk the city, watch the people, eat the food (not at tourist places) and drink the wine. Watch as families break for a long lunch and walk together afterwards. Savor the smells of the food, the tastes. This is Rome. The Rome We love.

The monuments are important but they are not what makes Rome a wonderful city. It’s the people, the architecture, the small streets and the hustle bustle of a big city. Try not to go in July or August. It is too hot and crowded. August is European vacation time and everything is expensive and crowded. May or September are better summer months to enjoy Rome. We also went Christmas week and saw a new side of Rome. The lights, the festivities and the decorations. News Years Eve in Rome is spectacular. Millions of people in the streets with champagne.

Travel light, Don’t take tours and enjoy yourself. Become a Roman even if it’s for only a week. Walk to everything. In that way you will see more small streets and shops. If you get tired, stop for a drink and watch Rome go by you.

For lunch have a panini (sandwich) at a bar. For dinner have pasta (the best in the world) or pizza. You can also find wonderful meats and fish in Rome. Stopping for a gelato is one of our favorite treats. Rome is romantic, historic, full of life and unique. Enjoy it!

Yes you can see the main sights in 3 or 4 days but you will be rushed and tired. You also will miss Rome and the Romans. You have to have enough time to be relaxed and take your time. This is an Italian City. It is not to be rushed but enjoyed. Savor it!

IMG_4932 - Trevi FountainIMG_4941 - Spanish StepsIMG_5022aIMG_5023 aaIMG_5023 jIMG_5072 e 5IMG_5134 - Colosseo

George & Jo Ann

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2 thoughts on “Should you spend 4 days or less in Rome?

  1. Dani

    I’m hoping to go to Rome on my one-year anniversary. We didn’t have enough vacation time to plan a proper visit. Glad you agree that 4 days isn’t enough time!

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