Magnificent Milano Italy

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano:...

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano: Vista totale del Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not much is written about Milan (Milano in Italian) in tourist notes but we love this city. It is cosmopolitan, very classy and the people and food are top of the line. These people love fashion and are the pinnacle of the fashion world even above Paris. They love their coffee (like all Italians) and their food (white truffles, veal, Risotto and pizza).

Must see are it’s Duomo in the center, to the Galleria, to the La Scala the opera house, it is a city not to be missed. “I’m going to Milan” is a BLOG about Milan. Just look at the style in the photos on this BLOG. If you happen to be in Milan during white truffle season (Fall), have a pasta and truffle dish. It is expensive but worth it and very unique.

Getting around Milan is easy. There are busses, trams and metros (subways). There are several train stations to move you quickly anywhere in Italy or Europe. They have two airports: the downtown Linate and the large Malpensa. The alps are nearby with Italy’s beautiful lake district. Venice is a drive or train ride away. Milan is a romantic city about fashion and design. Milan has the best selection of Panini in its bars. It does snow in Milan in the winter so dress appropriately.

George & Jo Anne

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