Agropoli Pictorial

Agropoli is in the province of Salerno, region of Campania. It is about a half hour drive south of Salerno. It has a population of about 20,000. Agropoli is a busy modern city with a beautiful old town. The old town has limited cars. There are stairs but not that many. There is a beautiful old church and a castle with a moat. The moat is grassed now and used for parking.

You can get to Agropoli by driving or a train from Salerno (Naples or Rome).


View from the sea




View up to old town from seaport


Stairs to old town


View from old town down to seaport


Ancient Church

Views of the castle:

IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1132

Agropoli has everything you would need in a large city. Shopping areas, stores, banks but it also has a seaport for boating and beautiful beaches. From Agropoli it is a short drive north to Paestum with its beautiful Greek ruins.

The old town is where you stop at  bar for a drink or lunch. You stroll the narrow streets and enjoy the life. You explore the ancient castle and take in the magnificent views. Parking is limited but we have found around the seaport to have meters that are usually available. There are restaurants here with a sea view. From the seaport it is a short walk to old town. Enjoy!

George & Jo Anne

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2 thoughts on “Agropoli Pictorial

  1. Another town to just love. Ahhh Italy, how do we get to see it all. Thank goodness for these lovely blog posts.

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