Sorrento Pictorial

Sorrento is on the southern edge of the bay of Naples (Naples is on the northern edge). It is also on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Campania. The population is around 16,500. There is a good highway from Naples passed the airport and south to Sorrento. The A1 Autostrada connects with this highway and goes north to Rome, Florence and Milan. This highway becomes a narrow two lane road in Sorrento and becomes the famous Amalfi Coast Road. Sorrento is a big tourist stop and gateway to the Amalfi Coast and has many ferries to Capri.

C-Sorrento di

One of several beaches


The town is on a cliff above the beaches and sea


The Town


The coastline


The streets

Sorrento has small markets on tiny pedestrian only streets. Most of the items are tourists trinkets but some are good finds. Sorrento has good food, friendly people and great views. It is a good place to begin your Amalfi Coast tour.

George & Jo Anne


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4 thoughts on “Sorrento Pictorial

  1. Sorrento has a lovely coastline…I especially love the pedestrian only streets.

  2. My first times to Amalfi I stayed in Sorrento and I loved it. I will always remember Sorrento for limoncello cause that is where I first tasted it. Special memories

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