How to Plan a Trip to Italy – Part 1

Everyone wants to go to Italy, so what is stopping you. This series is details on how to plan your trip and get the most out of your visit to Italy. Italy is big so break it into regions and plan one at a time. We don’t believe in the 16 cities in 14 days trip. It is exhausting and you end up with a bad feeling about Italy. Take your time and enjoy the country, the people, the food and the sites. Italy has it all.

Italian Flag

OK you decide you want to go, so when is the best time. Summer tends to be the most expensive but winter can mean cold and possibly snow. We never travel to big cities in August. All of Europe is off the month of August. Everything is crowded and August is hot and humid. The beaches can be fun but they too will be very crowded. Hotels, car rental and airfares will be at a peak.

Spring and fall are our favorite times. The temperatures are still nice and the crowds are lower. Prices are medium high but you can find discounts. Direct airfares are the most expensive. Making a stop in Europe is usually cheaper. Be careful and make sure you know where your plane stops. We saw a very low airfare from Philadelphia to Rome but it stopped in Moscow. The trip was three times longer than it should have been. Also check how long you will be laid-over at your connecting airports. We have seen lay-overs as much as 12 hours. After an overnight flight the last thing you need is a 12 hour wait in an airport.

Hotels at resorts and big American chains tend to be the most expensive. Look for small Italian hotels. Make sure you have a private bathroom. The rooms are small but you are in Italy so you shouldn’t be spending time in your room except to sleep.

Tomorrow we will look at planning the trip.

George & Jo Anne


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3 thoughts on “How to Plan a Trip to Italy – Part 1

  1. My favourite time to explore Mediterranean countries is April, May and June. Get in there before the mass amount of tourists, and the weather is just warm enough to be nice without being so hot you can’t do anything. I’ve got an Italy trip pencilled in and it’s 8 or 9 cities in 16 days…not sure how people manage 16 cities in 14 days?!

  2. Thanks for the comment Becky. I never understood the man cities in a little time theory. I love to relax and see the people, talk with them and become part of their lives. That takes time.

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