How to Plan a Trip in Italy – Part 2

OK, you have decided to go to Italy, you have a date when you want to go and you know the region(s) of Italy you want to visit. What now? Now you have to gather information on those areas and what you want to see. The Internet and guide books are invaluable. Use sites like Trip Advisor to gather other people’s opinions but be aware that not everyone thinks like you or enjoys the same things as you do.

Now buy a guide-book in paperback or an eBook that will list the major attractions. We like DK’s Top 10 books.

DK top Ten Travel Books

They list the top ten things to see and then at each of the top ten places the top ten items to see in that place. The books are small so can easily be carried. Smartphones are important for GPS and finding places to eat near you. We love to walk and get lost and then turn on our GPS, set it to our hotel and put it in walk mode and walk back. What did we do before smartphones?

Read each recommended place to see and decide if this is something that you want to do. If it is written it down with its address. Then look at what is inside that you want to see. A good example is the Louvre in Paris. You can not possibly see everything. List those works of art you must see and where they are located. Then set a course to see each one.

Once you have all the places you want to see build a map where things are so you can hit several places located near each other at the same time. This will prevent walking back to an area you were in yesterday to see something else. Make note of recommended restaurants near major sites. Beware of tourists trap places as the cost is higher and food will not be as good.

Now you are ready to plan your hotel and Itinerary. Be excited! You are on your way to Italy. This part of planning is fun. Have a glass of wine and get into a romantic spirit.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “How to Plan a Trip in Italy – Part 2

  1. I think travelling in Italy is really easy and chilling. Trains are quite affordable. I hitchhiked there and the only problem I got was the language. Rather than that, everything was perfectly fine.

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