How to Plan a Trip in Italy – Part 3

Ok now we need to take the information on where in Italy we want to go and what we want to see and create an itinerary. This is simply a list by date of what you want to see in each city you will visit. You need to leave days for traveling between cities. Make sure each item in a single day can be visited with enough time in a day. Don’t overload your days or you will be tired.

The day you arrive will most likely be after an overnight flight. DO NOT TAKE A NAP. This will mess up your internal clock. Get out and do something interesting. Eat meals on Italian time. Try to stay up until at least 8 pm. Then crash! You will sleep well through the night and awake on Italian time. If you take a nap you will wake up in the middle of the night wanting something to eat. This is an important trick to beating jet lag.

Leave time for breaks to get a coffee, gelato, snack or a glass of wine. Watch life around you. This is how you will meet locals and enjoy your trip more. It will create great memories of your trip to Italy. More importantly you will not be over tired.

Bar in Italy

In Italian bars you will be given a small snack for free with your drinks. Italians also drink water when they drink. This helps to overcome the effects of alcohol.

Your itinerary will insure you see everything you want but allow for spontaneity. If something new comes up … do it. Our spontaneous decisions yielded some of our best memories.

Tomorrow we will discuss finding a place to stay while in Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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