How to Plan a Trip to Italy-Part 9

Planning for your trip is important. We have two parts to our planning:

  1. What are we bringing
  2. What needs to be done before we leave

American Airlines

What are we bringing

What to take is a very important part pf planning a vacation. You want to have the correct clothes but you want to keep that suitcase under 50 lbs. Is this impossible? not really but it does take some planning. You should buy a suitcase scale. They are a hand held scale with a hook that goes under the suitcase handle. As you lift the scale (and the suitcase) the scale measures the weight.

You need to look at weather for each city in your trip. The hardest planning is if some cities will be cold while others will be warm. Usually a trip in the same area will not have this condition. Pack clothes that you can reuse in combinations. This will give you many outfits out of a small number of items.

Shoes are heavy so pack carefully, sorry girls. If you will need a jacket for evenings, take it onboard with you. They are heavy and will add too much weight to your suitcase.

Don’t forget cameras (if you use one), computers and medications. We take two suitcases that we check and a computer bag for laptop, iPad and some extra clothes. Having a change of clothes onboard with you will help if a suitcase is lost.

If you forget anything, don’t worry, you can buy anything you forgot in Italy. Don’t let it ruin your vacation. If you are going for an extended trip you can do laundry in Italy so you don’t have to carry too many sets of clothing.

What needs to be done before we leave

We make a list of things we have to do before we leave for the airport:

ToDo before Leaving House

  1. Turn Main water off
  2. Light on
  3. Water Plants
  4. Adjust Thermostat 

Take along on Trip

  1. Passports
  2. Car Charger for iPhone
  3. Euros (bills & coins) 200+ Euros
  4. Drivers License & International License
  5. Sun Glasses
  6. IPhone Charger
  7. IPhone headphones
  8. Jacket (light) or sweater – wear 
  9. Sun tan lotion

To Do On Airplane

  1. Reset Phone usage
  2. Turn cellular off – Settings – Cellular – Cellular data
  3. Airplane Mode on

The only thing you really can not forget is your passports! Now you are on your way to the airport and a vacation in romantic Italy. Enjoy and don’t look back!


George & Jo Anne


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