How to Plan a Trip to Italy – Part 15

This is the last BLOG in the series How to Plan a Trip to Italy. You are on your flight home and you can not stop thinking about your trip and Italy. In your mind you review each place you visited, the people you met and the food you tasted. You already want to return. Maybe you start to think about the next trip. How much will you have to save? Where will you go on that trip? What will you do differently?

Italian Flag

You might spend the next year planning and saving but you will return to Italy. She is calling you. This time you might rent a car and explore small hill towns in Tuscany, the lake region in northern Italy, the Amalfi Coast or southern Italy and Sicily. You can see so much more in a car and outside the big cities.

If you don’t see yourself driving, you might plan a train trip and see the towns near a train station. You can hire a driver to take you from each train station to the nearby towns. However you see Italy it will be memorable.

Trains Italy

On our first trip to Italy together, Jo Anne said to George I may never be able to eat American Italian food again! She was so taken back by real Italian food. It is so fresh and simple but tasty.


If you go to Italy, let us know. Tell us where you went and what was your most memorable experience. Buon Viaggio!

George & Jo Anne


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