The Feel of a Trip to Italy

What does it feel like to go to Italy? Everyone deep down wants to go! Some people don’t because:

  1. Afraid of a long flight
  2. Afraid of not speaking Italian
  3. Terrorism
  4. Cost of trip
  5. Fear of getting lost
  6. Fear of leaving home

These are all real fears that people feel. They are hard to overcome. Everyone of these fears are just fears. So what do we feel when we go to Italy?

First we plan our trips out several months to a year. We are excited and keep thinking about the trip as it approaches. If we are going to a new city or area we investigate it. As we arrive at the airport the excitement reaches peak levels. We are on our way!

Italy is a very friendly country. For my American readers, it is a country that really loves Americans. When we return to our small town in Campania, people get a look as they see us of excitement. We are back!

As we got off the plane and go through customs the excitement returns. We are here! After getting our rental car we are on the Autostrada heading south toward Naples. It is very hard to focus on driving. The scene all around us is mountains and small towns perched high on cliffs. We want to exit the highway and explore every one of them but we also want to get home to our condo in Velina.

The vistas are so dramatic that you are forced to look at them. Our thoughts are on Italian food. Real Italian food is so different from what is served in other countries. We want to taste it so bad that we stop at an Auto Grill on the Autostrada. It is so satisfying. Our taste buds go crazy and our brains know what is in store for us over the next few weeks.

Get over your fears and decide to go! We are here! We are eating real Italian food! We are with truly friendly people who understand love, friendship and family. We are home!

George & Jo Anne


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One thought on “The Feel of a Trip to Italy

  1. Ciao mio Giorgio – great write that took me there. I was so disappointed when I finished reading and realized I was actually not in Italy speeding down the autostrada toward Villa Velina, but instead in Pennsylvania eating breakfast. . .

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