The Long Journey

We spent our honeymoon in Italy of course. The first day was a very long journey. After a wonderful day of vows, food, wine, family & friends we were ready for our first trip to Italy as a married couple. We left the day after our wedding in the evening. It was our normal flight from Philadelphia to Rome non stop.

American Airlines

US Air now American Airlines

The flight was 8 hours over night arriving the next morning in Italy. Adrenalin sets in and we were ready for our new journey. Customs and baggage claim always takes some time.  Eventually we were freed unharmed from the clutches of Italian customs. Outside customs was very crowded so we perused the crowd for our driver. We had decided to hire a driver to take us from Rome to the Naples hydrofoil docks.

Our driver was holding a sign with FEBISH on it. He was your typical well dressed Italian with cool sunglasses. He took our two gigantic American suitcases and lead us outside to where he had parked his Mercedes. Soon we were speeding down the autostrada towards Naples. After an hour and a half we needed a bathroom and some food. He stopped at one of the great auto grills on the autostrada.

After being refreshed we continued on our long journey to Naples. In Naples we found the ferry port and boarded our ferry after saying goodby to our driver. It was a sunny hot day and the upper deck got too hot so we went down inside to cool off. Soon we caught our first glimpse of Capri. The island grew in size until the port was visible.

B-Capri ad

Ferry Port on Capri Island

After docking in Capri we handed our jumbo luggage over to porters to be takin to our hotel. We then boarded a funcolare to climb the mountain to the small city of Capri. Our hotel was then about a mile walk on pedestrian only walkways.

B-Capri abB-Capri aa


After a car drive, a plane, a hired car drive, a hydrofoil, a funcolare and a walk we were at our hotel. Very tired but so happy to be here. This was a very long journey but a fun one.



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  1. Sounds just perfect!

  2. Thanks Susan

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