Venice Italy

Venice has always been a city that intrigued me. Imagine a city of canals and boats instead of streets and cars built-in the 10th century BC. There are pedestrian walkways and bridges over the canals. This is a major city built on a swamp. How was this done? The Apprentice and the Journeyman says that Venice is a city of 117 islands in a shallow area of the Adriatic sea. It started as a small number of mud and rock islands. The early Venetians drove tree trunks into the clay and bud to form building foundations. Why does the wood not rot? it is not exposed to oxygen in the water and actually becomes petrified over time. The tree trunks now are hardened rock like trunks.

venice vaporetto

Venice Grand Canal

Venice was built as a safe refuge against marauding invaders. And quickly began to expand into a very powerful empire. Soon the city was built on tree trunks out in the swallow water. The original islands were lost forever. Imagine here you have a city on tree trunks. Atop the trees is marble and then buildings built onto of that. It is just amazing to imagine the ingenuity of these early people.

They soon became a wealthy nation with a powerful navy. They were expert ship builders. Today the empire is gone but the charm of Venice still exists. Visit this amazing city and walk the pathways. Cross the canals and ride a Gondola. Be a Venetian for a short time. This is truly a remarkable part of Italy.



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