2016 Resolutions

OK it’s 2016 a new year is upon us. How many of you are making resolutions? Lose weight, get a new car or home, be in a better relationship? Most resolutions don’t make it through January. We love to make New Year’s resolutions but seldom actually make them. Instead of making resolutions you won’t keep, make a resolution to visit Italy and do it! Most of you have always wanted to go there. What is stopping you? Be adventuresome! Be romantic!

Make a financial plan to save money for your trip. Never barrow to go. Save your money first and then go. Now you will feel good knowing you have the money to go. Next plan where in Italy you always wanted to go. It may be a place your family came from or a city you have always dreamed of. Don’t choose a bunch of places! Pick a small number in the same area of Italy. You don’t want to spend your vacation driving around Italy but enjoying it.

Next buy a book on the area you are going to. List the top ten things you want to see. Build an itinerary of what to do each day you are there. Don’t try to do too much. Leave time to stop for lunch or at a bar for a drink. Relax and enjoy the people around you and the Italian life.

A vacation is not about how much you can cram into a few days but how many memories you make. Meet local Italians and become Facebook friends. Keep those memories alive online. When you come home you will have wonderful memories and no debt. It doesn’t get better than that!


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3 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

  1. All great ideas George! I can’t wait to get back to Italy myself…

  2. You always have great advice George. Thanks Lyn

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