Young in Florida 

I have been off my Blogs this week. We are moving from the Philly area to the Tampa Florida area. It is a huge change to sell all your furniture, your hone and move that far away. We are doing it becsuse 8 of the 15 grandkids moved south. You have to set your goals in life and never look back. We will miss very much the family and friends we leave behind.
People always ask us how can you do that. You just nake a decision to change your life and do it. The act of doing it is keeping us young and is very exciting. There are days that can be overwelming but just stay focused and move forward. Making appointments with vendors that show up late is frustrating but you know deep down everything will get done.
The funny white stuff down here is not snow but sand! More on our move and the changes it takes. Now we will have two choices of beaches: Italy or Florida. We have until August, our next trip to Italy, to get the bew place in shape.


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6 thoughts on “Young in Florida 

  1. Now you have the best of both worlds..!!

  2. I take my hat off to you. Moving is the worst. Something I must do soon. Enjoy your new home

  3. It’s always fun with you, whatever we do! Your secret admirer.

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