Rome Adventure

A few yeas ago I introduced Jo Ann, my wife, to Italy and Rome.I knew she would love the food, wine and people but she loves architecture. What better place to see great architecture than Rome. The Romans were masters at understanding nature and gravity. They had running water in toilettes and at sinks. The water came from mountains hundreds of miles away and travelled along an aqueduct built by them to Rome. The aqueduct had to be sloped down the whole way so the water would run towards Rome. Sometimes they had to build tunnels through mountains that were in the way.

Aqueduct 1 Aqueduct 2


I love the look of the Rome aqueducts. They are such marvels of man.  You can see them in many places around Rome. The Romans loved their baths which had to be supplied with plenty of water and then heated. Their homes and public places all need running water. We don’t think a lot about our running water with our modern pumps and towers but the Romans did all this 2,000 years ago with no technology. All the Roman’s had was a good understanding of Physics.

Go to Italy and Rome for the museums, the people, the food, the wine, the sites but go to Rome also to see the great architecture.


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3 thoughts on “Rome Adventure

  1. I completely agree! I was so caught up in the amazing architecture.

  2. Yes George there is no end to the achievements of the ancient Romans. I am constantly amazed at what they did thousands of years ago. Interesting also that ancient Roman architecture is so fantastic and modern architecture is not so fantastic

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