The Wines of Italy

Italy is well-known for its wines. Most wine drinkers know the Chianti, Super Tuscan, Brunello, Barolo and other popular wines. Italy has so much more to offer in wines. Each region is known for its local grapes and the wines they make.

The regions are, roughly from Northwest to Southeast:

Italian regions
Aosta Valley
Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Italian Wine Regions

Italian Wine Regions

Where ever you plan to go in Italy, you will find great wines. For special occasions we will buy a bottle of a great Brunello to celebrate. In most restaurants we order the local wine in a carafe. You get very good wine for a very good price. There are no bottle, cork, foil and label costs. The restaurants buy it in bulk and serve it by a half or full liter carafe. This allows you to taste the different wines in a region.

A great way to taste wines in Italy is to visit a local Enoteca. These are small places for tasting several different wines. They usually serve small plates of food as well. Wine really goes with anything from pizza and pasta to a gourmet meal. Enjoy it!

Wouldn’t it be a great trip to start in the north-west of Italy and work your way down to the South-East tasting Italy’s fine wines. Of course we would stop to see the sites as well. By the time you were done, you would have a great appreciation for the wines of Italy. Which regions would you fall in love with? Andiamo!



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9 thoughts on “The Wines of Italy

  1. I also usually order the local wine by the carafe when I order in restaurants. Here at home, I always manage to have beautiful bottles of Italian wine and prosecco.

  2. Great post, I loved Friulian wines on my recent trip to Trieste.

  3. Great post and great blog, glad I came across it. I love Italian food but their wine is my favourite. You would love the wine in Australia too – we have some great ones in the Barossa Valley

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