Buying and retiring in Southern Italy

As my readers know, we bought a condo in southern Campania (southern Italy) in 2013. It is about 1.5 hours south of the Amalfi Coast and 2 hours south of Naples. Maybe closer if I drive really really fast. We had no intention to buy a home but while looking for a vacation villa, we came across our new home. The taxes are much lower than in the states, food (outside the big cities) is cheaper and the beaches and mountains are beautiful. The people are friendly and endearing.

We plan to retire there about half time when my wife retires and spend the other half time at our condo in Florida north of Tampa. Both places are cheaper to live and have a good tax structure. Both have great beaches (Clearwater Beach was voted America’s best beach). Italy has better views of both mountains and the sea and has better ancient cities to visit. Life is what you make it. Retirement, in my opinion, should be fun, stimulating and interesting.

This BLOG explores how we bought that condo in Italy, nearby cities as well as Italy’s big major cities. My wife writes a BLOG specifically on Southern Campania. Explore Italy on your vacations and decide if this is a place for you to retire.

Kathleen Peddicord wrote an article on retiring to an affordable Italy for Money.



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4 thoughts on “Buying and retiring in Southern Italy

  1. I have several friends who live half their life in Italy and the other half in UK or Australia. Sounds perfect to me. Of course there are expats all over the world. Enjoy

    • I know that there are many xpats everywhere but Italy is special for me. We have friends that go to France or South America. The idea is to enjoy your special place.

  2. I have to agree…this sounds ideal! I’m looking forward to reading all about it. Retirement, I agree, should be fun, stimulating and interesting. I don’t doubt that the both of yours will certainly be.

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