Pizza … Pizza

There is no denying it … Pizza is BIG in Italy! In the north you get different cheeses and prosciutto, in the south you have Naples style Margarita pizza. New York style thin crust is really Naples style pizza. Where we live in Campania, it is all about Naples style pizza. It is very thin, very tasty and they use buffalo mozzarella for the cheese. It is very delicious. They don’t usually sell it by the slice but in pies that are designed to be a large personal pizza.

Naples Pizza pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Pizza in a real Italian restaurant is not sliced for you. You eat it with a fork (forchetta) and knife (coltello). Of course in Italy, you have your pizza with a good glass of red wine. Pizzas are typically done in fired ovens to make them crispy.

Jo Anne and I make pizza at home. It is the Neapolitan style of pizza but sometimes with different toppings. We use a pizza stone and an oven at 525 degrees F. The pizza crust gets crisper than in Italy but we like it that way. Pizza shouldn’t be loaded with cheese! I think we do that in America because the tastes are bland and cheese is a comfort food. In Italy you can actually taste the sauce and basil. You can even smell it as it is presented to you. It tastes so good you don’t want to over ride the flavors with too much cheese.

Mangia mangia…



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