Wine in Italy

Italy is famous for its great wines.You can get very good wines in every region of Italy. Many are exported around the world. We know many of the more famous wines like Chianti, Brunelli, Barolo, Super Tuscany, Montepulciano, etc. These are very good and many are expensive. Italians love their wines. They have solved the problem of expensive wines or everyday use. What makes a wine expensive? The bottle, label, cork, foil and the wine itself. Suppose we bought just the wine! In Italy you can do this at most restaurants but also in bulk wine stores for home use.

These stores allow you to choose from several different whites and reds. They range from sweet to dry. You bring a bottle, carafe or even an empty water bottle and fill it. You can usually taste the ones before you buy them. In our area in southern Campania the bulk wine is sold for 2 Euros per liter. That is about $2,20 for a bottle and a third of wine. Not bad!

These stores are knowledgeable about wines and the local varieties that they sell. When we arrive at our Villa Velina we do several things. One is to stop at the wine store with an empty liter water bottle (or two) and buy some wine. I wish this was available in America.

Here is to wine and Italian ingenuity.



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One thought on “Wine in Italy

  1. My wine of choice, Italian wine. I am very fortunate to have a great supply of it in Australia. When I arrive back in Lucca in May, my first purchase for the apt will be wine.

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