My Italian Bucket List

I have been very lucky in my travels to Italy. I did a lot of work there and got to see a lot of the country and have lived both in the north and now in the south. I love everything about Italy. In so many ways it has figured out how to live happily. It is no wonder so many people want to go there. There is so much to see.

I have enjoyed its big cities:

  • Milan
  • Verona
  • Venice
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Rome
  • Naples

I have also enjoyed its diverse areas:

  • The lakes in the north
  • Tuscany
  • The Adriatic Coast
  • The Tyrrhenian Coast
  • The Amalfi Coast

There are still some places I want to see so this is my current Bucket List:

  • Cinque Terra (north) – These five small towns were once very remote and unseen by most tourists. Then the train came and brought many tourists to this region. There is a walking path connecting each of the five villages. You can also take a boat, Life here is simple and enjoyable.
  • Portofino (north) – This Italian fishing community and high-end vacation resort is famous the world over. The cove here is very picturesque. When I think of Portofino I can hear Andrea Bocelli singing here.
  • Lucca (Central) – A city in tuscany near the sea. It is famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.
  • The Tulli Homes of Alberobello (south) – These unique homes are round with pointy roofs. This is a very unique architecture that is strongly enforced in this city.

trulli italy

  • Matera – Italy’s cave town (south) – Originated in the Paleolithic Period. The cave dwellings here were once slums and have been transformed into luxury housing and rentals. This is one of the most un pique cities in Italy and maybe the world.
  • Sicily (south) – This unique island has so much to offer. From the volcano to its magnificent towns to its Greek ruins. Sicily is easily reached by ferry, train or car. All three methods of travel cross to the island on the ferry.

What is your bucket list for Italy?



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19 thoughts on “My Italian Bucket List

  1. I have been to a few places on your bucket list, such as Cinque Terre, Sicily and Puglia. Yet to visit others.
    For now my bucket list of Italy consists of Turin and Le Marche.

    • I have been to Turin and loved it

    • I have had some wonderful times in Le Marche as I went to school there twice and rented a house there for 4 weeks another time.

      • I know Lyn. You have been to that region and I fell in love reading posts of bloggers only. I was aware of it only a few yrs back

  2. You have been to so many places George. The only place I have not been to on your bucket list is Sicily. I am happy to see that Lucca is on your list. Soon you will have time to see them all.

  3. Come to Triest! I would be glad to show you this beautiful city in the North-East of Italy. You would be surprised how beautiful this region is. I wait for you!

  4. If I ever have the means, I’d love to visit the Isle of Capri.

    • Capri is very special. Most tourist go only for a day trip from Naples or Sorrento. If you go, go for at least one night. The island changes personality and becomes less crowded after the last ferry departs.

  5. Sicilia is on my list! I’ve been to Lucca and Alberobello several times and you will love them both. I went to Matera last year and I want to go back to stay for 3 days. there is a lot to do there and a lot of history to digest. I would suggest you read ‘Christ Stopped at Eboli’ by Carlo Levi before going. I had read it a long time ago, but re-read it before I wrote my blog post. Buon Viaggio, Cristina

  6. Since you ask: I’ve been compiling it for the last three years ever since I moved to Tuscany (from Slovenia), and several places have already been taken off this list due to a successful visit (Abbazia Sant’Angelo, Abbazia San Galgano, Parco di Mostri in Bomarzo, Cala Violina etc etc.)

    Cascata delle Marmore, Terni
    Lago Traiano
    Lago Santo, Emilia Romagna, NE of Lucca
    Vetulonia – tombs Tomba Diavolino II – lost Etruscan city + museum
    Riserva del Monte Penna, La Ripa di Selvena (panoramica sull’Alta valle del Fiume Fiora)
    Castello tenuta BANFI località S.Angelo (GR)
    Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
    Gola del Furlo a Fermignano
    Trattoria da Maria Moretti (Via Roma, 10, Pereta;
    Trattoria da Paolino (Via Marsala, 41, Manciano;
    Villa Lante, Bagnaia, Via Jacopo Barozzi 71, 01100 Viterbo
    Volterra + Pomarance
    Bomarzo: Etruscan pyramid
    Lago dell’ Accesa, Massa Marittima
    Martignano Lake, Lazio
    Lago di Vagli

    But the first destination I memorised is the amazing (but normally not accessible to general public) Castle of Sammezzano near Firenze with its 365 rooms.

    Thank you for asking. 🙂

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