Italy’s Laundry

What is it about laundry out to dry? It is colorful and different shapes. It is against the backdrop of an ancient building. Maybe it is because it is not seen here in America any more. I find myself attracted to it from a photography point of view. I end up always taking pictures of it. I think it has a message. Life goes on here as it always did. Life is good here.

I know some of my fellow bloggers also take a lot of these pictures. It must be a common thing for tourists to this wonderful country. It doesn’t matter if you are in a tiny mountain town, a beach town or a large city, it is everywhere around you as you walk. Italy is all about walking. You meet people this way, you see things you would have missed in a car or bus. It allows you to slow down and enjoy where you are. Enjoy!

IMG_1512 IMG_5442

D-Positano gaIMG_0953



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2 thoughts on “Italy’s Laundry

  1. Here in Brooklyn, there are many private homes that still use clothes lines. In the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, that were formerly home to Italian-Americans, the Asians now use the clothes lines. Others put up drying racks on their balconies. I love these photos.

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