The Wines of Italy

Italy is known for some of the best wines in the world. Wine in Italy is common. Everyone drinks it and most families make it. You have world-renowned wines like Chianti, Barolo and Brunello. You have Prosecco, Italy’s fantastic sparkling wine. But each region of Italy specializes in different wine grapes and wines. Most small towns make local wine and serve it in restaurants and trattorias by the liter or half litter. Wine is a way of life in Italy.

Come join us as we celebrate the different wines of Italy in this YouTube video:

– George Febish

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7 thoughts on “The Wines of Italy

  1. Pete

    Whereas I have no problem with the main thrust of this article and I enjoy Italian wines greatly, it is something of an exaggeration to say that ‘everyone drinks wine and most families make it. Over the years I have gained a network of many friends in Italy (impossible not to) and some of them don’t touch alcohol and further, I know if nobody who makes wine. Mind you, there aren’t a lot of grapes grown in cities!

    • My friends in Milan buy grapes at local markets and make wine in their tiny apartments. Near us in the south most seem to make wine and olive oil. But you are correct that not everyone makes it or drinks it. But surveys I have seen show Italians drink more wine per person than most countries.

  2. I always choose to drink pinot grigio now days thanks to my wine experiences in Italy however my favourite is vermentino which is not so easy to acquire here in Australia

  3. Oh and of course I love prosecco

  4. My grandfather immigrated to Brooklyn, NY with his family when he was young. When older, he had his own Brownstone in Brooklyn. He grew grapes along the side of the building and made his own wine. I regret that I never learned how he made wine or even tasted it, as I was too young at the time!

    • It is easy, i started with 1 carboy (30 bottles) and worked up go 12 carboys. We gave a lot away. You can get instructions from a place that sells grapes or must (juice).

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