Lights, Lights and more Lights

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy New Year. This is a season when friends and family get together for meals and to spend some time together. It is a festive season that makes most people happy but some very sad. If we let go of the commercialism and the fact that many large chains are forcing their workers to work on holidays, we can enjoy the holiday spirit behind it all. We love lights at this time of year. Many people light of their homes but a few go all out and create a magical spectacle. Just watch the eyes of small children looking at a house full of lights. They can still see the magic! Can you?

Lights are a big custom in Europe as well. These ancient towns go modern with electric lights for a short time. The colors are magnificent. People gather in groups to sing carols. Why are we so drawn to these lights like moths? I think there is magic in the lights. Just allow it to happen.

Italy Chrismas Tree on Mountain

George & Jo Anne


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Christmas in Italy

Italy has a wonderful celebration for the Christmas season. Many towns light up streets in elaborate lights. There are Christmas markets to buy things and religious ceremonies at local churches. Non are better than midnight mass at the Vatican. If you are going to Italy during Christmas season click here to see a list of towns and what they have to offer. Page 2 of the above site has Christmas markets by city.

In the north of Italy you may get a white Christmas to celebrate. These cities are cold and may have snow on the ground but the stores, bars and restaurants are warm and inviting. Stroll the streets and take in the lights and decorations. Stop in a bar for a hot coffee or chocolate. Warm up and then continue your light tour.

In the south of Italy things are warmer but the Christmas spirit is strong. Naples has wonderful mangers. You may not see snow but it can rain in this season so be prepared. Stopping at a bar for a refreshment is mandatory here. Don’t forget Naples is home of the pizza. Enjoy the thin crust pizza here.

Shopping all over Italy is wonderful. The stores are crowded but it is the season to be in crowded and shop. Enjoy your trip. Buon Natale!

George & Jo Anne


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