Continuing to Love Italy

As the years went on and I spent more time in Italy, I fell more in love with the country, the people and the food. This was a very unique place. The Italians had figured out what everyone else was missing! Life was important. Yes they had to work but work was not driving them. Food, family and friends drove them. Life was to be lived and enjoyed. It was not about money or power but about social living.

Most areas of Italy have a custom of walking after the mid day meal. It is done with family or friends. The bar scene in Italy is a social setting to meet friends and discuss events of politics and sports. Italians are passionate about everything they do. You can see this passion in the way they talk with their hands moving. You will hear loud voices but seldom see real fights. It is passion.

Over the years I got to know Rome and north to the lakes very well. Most of my time was spent in Milan with a day trip or overnighter to another city. I got to see Italy in many different places. The food changed but was always fresh and delicious. In Italy it is not about the sauces or spices but about the taste of each item you are eating. A lot of thought went into how to prepare each item and which items can be placed on a plate together. Recipes are centuries old and passed down within the family.

I did not get to venture south of Rome until I met and married Jo Anne. That is when we developed a new awareness and love of southern Italy.



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Two Related BLOGs

As most of you know Jo Anne has been working on a much need BLOG about Southern Italy and in particular southern Campania called Mezzogiorno Living. My BLOG, Travel in Italy BLOG, is still about traveling in Europe and in particular Italy. These both BLOGs together will give you a high level view, in my BLOG, and a drilled down detail view of southern Italy, in Jo’s BLOG.

I will be discussing all the places in Europe we travel with emphasis on Italy. Italy is special to both of us. Jo will be discussing what to do in southern Italy. Her BLOG is both a website and a BLOG. Her home page is a regular BLOG with her last BLOG on the top. The sidebar on the right side has a SEARCH box to find anything you are looking for. It searches all BLOGs as well as all her menu pages.

Her menus look at stores, restaurants, beaches, towns etc in Southern Italy. On a smart phone the menu is gotten to by clicking the bars in the upper left hand corner. Each menu may have sub-menus that will take you to pages of information. You will find addresses, phone numbers, links to websites and Trip Advisor links.

When we bought in this area, we had a hard time find local restaurants, supermarkets, stores and interesting towns to visit. I wish we had this site when we were first visiting this area. I hope both sites help you with information and travel in Europe and in Italy. Buon Viaggio!



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Malocchio in Italian is the “Evil Eye! Italians are predominantly Catholics but many, especially in the south, believe in superstitions. The Evil Eye is one that is very strong in Italian culture. It happens when someone wishes you bad luck. The Evil Eye puts a curse on you. It can be simple like your boy friend won’t like you any more, you will fail an exam or you will get sick or even die. There are Italians that can test you for the Evil Eye and remove it. People believe in all sorts of things. In the US, New Orleans is an area that believes in evil spells, a form of voodoo. We humans seem to want to have an explanation for bad luck!

Other superstitions in Italy include pouring wine to the left. Left in Italian is sinistra. This is the origin of our word sinister. Doing things left-handed is not right even evil in some cultures. I was once at a dinner in Italy and I was pouring wine around. I started to pour toward the left (back-handed) and everyone at the table just about had a heart attack. After explaining it to me I never poured that way again.

When traveling we need to understand local customs and adhere to them.

George & Jo Anne


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