Italy and Health

Italy has one of the world’s most efficient healthcare systems. The World Health Organization  rates countries on their over all health. Italy’s healthcare system focuses on exercise, happiness and healthy food rather than drugs. The people of this country eat well and eat fresh organic produce that is grown or farmed near their own home. Fruit is seldom shipped but picked locally at the height of freshness and nutrients. It tastes better and is healthier for you.

The Healthiest Countries in the World

1. Singapore
2. Italy
3. Australia
4. Switzerland
5. Japan
6. Israel
7. Spain
8. Netherlands
9. Sweden
10. Germany

The Least Healthiest Countries in the World
1. Swaziland
2. Lesotho
3. Democratic Republic of Congo
4. Chad
5. Mozambique
6. Burundi
7. Malawi
8. Angola
9. Uganda
10. Cameroon

The USA was rated 33 on the least healthiest countries in the world.

We should take a lesson on this from Italy. Not only is it a country on everyone bucket list but it gives us a great example how to live a happy and healthy life.



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Healthcare in Italy vs USA

The World Health Organization (WHO) rates various health aspects of each country:

US                  Italy

  • Expenditures (in $) per capita on healthcare        $8895              $3040
  • Expenditures as a % of GDP                                          17.9%                9.2%
  • Life expectancy at birth                                                 76/81                 80/85

Italy has a higher life expectancy than Americans and it costs them much less to provide it. Our healthcare is based on a symptom drug scenario. The American system is not interested in causes of health problems only the relieving of a symptom through a drug. It obviously isn’t working since chronic illness is on the rise. At some point we won’t be able to afford healthcare. Italy on the other hand uses a scenario of exercise and eating healthy to prevent chronic illnesses. It seems to be working for them and the cost is much less.

In Italy the idea of a walk with family, passagio, is not exercise but a social thing that everyone enjoys. Eating healthy is the only way Italians eat. Their food is pure, organic and always fresh. It is more about quality and taste than amount. Again they are not doing it to be healthy but because they have a very refined sense of taste. Eating is a social thing that all Italians enjoy and understand.

We need to take a hard look at how our friends across the pond are living a more healthy lifestyle.

George & Jo Anne


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