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Two Important Large Cities of Italy

Two great large cities in Italy are Rome and Florence. This doesn’t mean Naples, Bologna and Milan are not great or important. Italy has four categories of city that we love:

  1. Large cities – These are Milan, Bolgna, Florence, Rome and Naples
  2. Famous smaller cities – Venice, Verona, Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Salerno, Palermo
  3. Mountain Towns – There are so many of these from good size cities to very small towns that we could not begin to list them.
  4. Seaside Towns – Again way too many of these as well. These are towns that are on the sea and not in any other category above.

Today we look at two of the large cities in Italy that we have VLOGGED on:


Roma is the capitol of Italy and is a very cosmopolitan city. Roma has subways (the Metro), busses, and taxis. Driving in the historic central is difficult and illegal without a pass. If you are staying at a hotel in the center you can get a pass. Streets are crazy. One ways going against where you want to go. We once mapped walking to a place in Roma but had the GPS on driving by mistake. It took much longer to drive it than walk it.

Roma has everything a tourists needs:

  • Great restaurants (Bars, Ristorante, and Trattorias)
  • Museums
  • Architecture – Roma is one big outdoor museum
  • Parks
  • Shopping

Walk with us in our video below and see the famous sites of Roma. Walk the small narrow streets and see the wide large avenues. Roma is to be studied slowly with a glass or two of wine. Study it, observe its people, enjoy its sites, marvel at its museums and pay attention to its fashion. Place your hand into the mouth of truth if you dare (Bocca della Verità).


Firenze is another very modern cosmopolitan city with all the forms of transportation as Roma. The museums are unreal (the renaissance started here). A visit to Firenze is incomplete without a visit to the Uffizi museum. Learn about how the Medici leaders travelled in secret from their offices (Uffizi Museum today) to their palace (Palazzo Medici Riccardi). Climb the stairs to a vista overlooking the city central and walk across the Ponte Vecchio bridge. See Saint Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City (An independent country not part of Italy where the Pope is President). Come walk with us and see all of this and more in the video below.

Be Romantic! Visit Italy!

– George

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Rome, Italy

The eternal city! Ancient Romans believed that no matter how many wars or new civilizations came about, Rome would go on forever. Rome is the capital of Italy. It is both a modern and an ancient city. Although Rome is a large city, it feels like a small one with its small narrow streets. There are large streets as well that are 5-6 lanes wide. Walking around Rome is amazing. You can not help but marvel at its architecture. You know immediately that you are in an old and special place.

Whenever they dig for a new building, they run into ancient ruins that have to be preserved. Usually the ruins become a part of the new structure.  A sunken area that can be viewed by visitors. Rome protects its ruins and its history. Roman is an amazing city but it is also a living museum.

Rome is to be enjoyed. Sit at a bar or a trattoria and enjoy the life around you. Come walk Rome with us in our YouTube video VLOG below.

– George


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Walking Rome

When Jo Anne and I were in Rome (Jo’s first trip to Italy but I had been there many times), we wanted to really experience the city. There is no better way than walking! Rome has excellent metro and bus services that will get you anywhere you want but walking lets you be a Roman. You experience this great city first hand. All the important sites are walkable if you can walk a few miles.

We stayed centrally at Hotel Trevi just around the corner from the Trevi fountain. This is a hard hotel to find even with some cab drivers but worth a stay. It has been getting more popular and the price is going up. From Trevi fountain you can easily see:

  • Spanish Steps and shopping by the steps
  • Villa Borghese
  • Pantheon
  • Trastevere
  • Vatican City
  • Castel San Angelo
  • Forum
  • Old Rome
  • Coliseum
  • Piazza Navona
  • Basilica San Clemente

As you walk to these wonderful tourist attractions, take in the buildings, architecture, streets and people around you. Stop in a bar for a coffee or glass of wine. Hear the motorcycles and scooters all around you. Listen to the music of the Italian language. This is Rome! This is Italy! It must be enjoyed on the streets with the people.

Never stop in a tourist restaurant (any place very close to one of the above attractions). Seek out small family run trattoria that are full of locals enjoying their meal. People eat later in Italy than in the states (except large cities like New York).

Breakfast is usually at a bar on the run. You have a coffee and sweet roll or cake as you catch up on gossip and sports with friends. Lunch is at a pizzeria or trattoria and is taken around 1 or 2 pm. Dinner is much later around 8 or 9 in Rome. Farther south dinner can be as late as 11 pm. Restaurants will open for tourists around 7 or 7:30 pm. The terrible tourist only places stay open all day.

I love strolling these ancient streets, meeting modern-day Romans and partaking in their ancient customs. Let Rome take you away. Enjoy it fully. Don;t be afraid of it. There are pick-pockets everywhere but violent crime is very rare. As you return to your hotel, review what you did that day. Relive each important moment. These are memories you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Be Romantic …




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How to Plan a Trip to Italy – Part 14

All good things come to an end. It is your last day in Italy. Most large cities have several ways to get to the airport. Listed in order from least expensive to most:

  1. Hotel shuttle – Many hotels have a shuttle bus to the airport.
  2. Train – You can usually find a train to the airport. In Rome for example you can take a Metro (subway) or taxi from your hotel to the train station. Then there is a special train to the airport. In Rome it takes you right into the parking structure where the rental cars are. It is a short walk to the terminals.
  3. Driver and Car service – Hire a driver to take you from your hotel to the airport. In Rome there are several of these services.
  4. Taxi – Take a taxi from your hotel to the airport.

Trains Italy

We did not include a car since you really don’t want a car in most Italian large cities. The streets are crazy, you need a special permit to enter the old town areas and it is expensive to park.

At the airport you have time and look at all the stores. These are usually very expensive stores but fun to look at. Then you see Duty Free Shopping. I am amazed at how many people get duped into duty-free buying. Duty free doesn’t mean cheapest it just means no duty (tax). We find that wines and liquor at duty-free is 20-30% higher than our tax-free store, Total Wines, in Delaware. Duty on these products is nowhere near that high.


Buy your gifts in town at small inexpensive non tourist places and wait to buy your alcohol at home. The only exception is if you find something you can not get at home or if it is a local product and much cheaper than home. Never buy it at duty-free.

Remember if there is any possibility of a trip back to Europe, DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR EUROS BACK TO DOLLARS! Save your money for the next trip.

Board your plane and relax. You are on your way home! Yes it is depressing to leave Italy but you will be back. Italy has a pull on us. It makes us want to return. It forces us to eat well and be romantic. It slows us down … If we allow it.

American Airlines

Tomorrow is the last in this series. We will talk about cultural shock of coming home!

George & Jo Anne


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Magnificent Milano Italy

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano:...

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano: Vista totale del Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not much is written about Milan (Milano in Italian) in tourist notes but we love this city. It is cosmopolitan, very classy and the people and food are top of the line. These people love fashion and are the pinnacle of the fashion world even above Paris. They love their coffee (like all Italians) and their food (white truffles, veal, Risotto and pizza).

Must see are it’s Duomo in the center, to the Galleria, to the La Scala the opera house, it is a city not to be missed. “I’m going to Milan” is a BLOG about Milan. Just look at the style in the photos on this BLOG. If you happen to be in Milan during white truffle season (Fall), have a pasta and truffle dish. It is expensive but worth it and very unique.

Getting around Milan is easy. There are busses, trams and metros (subways). There are several train stations to move you quickly anywhere in Italy or Europe. They have two airports: the downtown Linate and the large Malpensa. The alps are nearby with Italy’s beautiful lake district. Venice is a drive or train ride away. Milan is a romantic city about fashion and design. Milan has the best selection of Panini in its bars. It does snow in Milan in the winter so dress appropriately.

George & Jo Anne

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Paris a perfect place

Paris Sunset from the Louvre window

Paris Sunset from the Louvre window (Photo credit: Dimitry B)

Last year we took a vacation to Paris with my sister and her husband. After the long flight we made way into Paris on the train. It was quick and bypassed all the traffic. After dropping suitcases off at the hotel, we went sightseeing to Notre Dame. We walked everywhere, following George’s rule to not take a nap but keep busy until evening. Then crash overnight and you are on local time.

Paris is the city of lights, not because there are a lot of lights but because it brought about enlightenment back in the middle ages. People came here to study and show art, literature, science and food. Paris grew as a world capital. Paris is today a city of love. Couples go there for the romance of Paris. Paris Perfect is a BLOG on apartment rentals in Paris and they did a BLOG on what to see. The top sites are all listed in the books and should be on everyone “Don’t Miss List.” The other “Don’t Misses” are the food and wine, the small street markets, the shops and just walking the streets of Paris. Watch the people around you and enjoy your trip. Of course when in Paris you MUST buy a baguette and walk the streets with it. You will look like all the Parisians.

One great way to enjoy Paris is to rent an apartment. If you are traveling with another couple or two, it is usually cheaper and larger than a hotel room. Apartments can put you in an area with the Parisians. Walk to local pastry shops with them in the morning as they go off to work. Our apartment was in a great area of Paris. We had the best Croissant place around the corner and plenty of restaurants and stores. Head to a busy street and buy a baguette, some cheese, meat (if you like), wine and of course chocolates. Then go back to your apartment and enjoy. It is romantic and fun. It is being a Parisian.

Paris is a city you can walk to everything. If the weather is bad or you can not walk well, take the Metro. It is safe, clean and quiet. It can get you everywhere. There are smartphone apps that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. They show where the nearest Metro is, which trains to take and how to go from Metro to your destination.

George & Jo Anne

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Smartphone Apps on Vacation

If you have a smart phone or are thinking of getting one and you are planning a trip to Europe, take it with you. We have an iPhone 6 Plus’ and call AT&T before going. AT&T offers reduced call costs in Europe, a data plan for Europe and texting for a fee and it costs only $30/month. The phones work fine. We have had no problems at all. If you are at a hotel with WiFi, you don’t need a data plan and can text other iPhones for free using the WiFi. Some apps that are useful are:

  • Tom-Tom GPS – This is a great GPS program that doesn’t use Internet (unless you are looking up a place by name). We bought the Western Europe version for $50. We have had it since our iPhone 4s and we both share it for the one cost.
  • Airline Apps – Most airlines have apps to check-in, check on flights and book new reservations. They also usually work with the iPhones Passport. You can show your phone at check-in and security instead of paper.
  • My TSA – Is an app that has the latest TSA rules and regulations.
  • Metro App – This is a handy app that allows you to download subway maps from many of the world’s cities
  • Expedia, Orbitz, Trip Advisor, etc. – These apps give you access to hotels, cars and flights from anywhere in the world.
  • GateGuru – Shows gates at many large airports and what stores and restaurants are nearby.
  • Language Apps – These allow you to translate languages in either direction. This can be handy in a country that you don’t speak the language. There are also apps that allow you to take a picture from your camera or the Internet and translate the foreign text.
  • Vino Volo – If your airport has a Vino Volo, it is a great place to start your vacation. Have a glass of wine and something to eat. The app gets you free membership which gives free sampling.

If you get lost just use your map app and plug-in your hotel address (get a card as you leave your hotel). Make sure you have it set to walk not drive (unless you are driving) and get instructions back to your hotel. You can use this to find museums, monuments and gardens as well or just an interesting restaurant.

The subway apps are fantastic. We used the Paris Metro App to find the nearest metro stop to where we were and then to plot a course on the metro to where we wanted to go. It tells you which direction to take train, how many stops to go, which trains to switch to and your final stop. The map app can then pick up from the metro stop to your destination.

Your smart phone becomes your European guide-book but so much more powerful than any book could be. Many apps offer a guided tour through a museum or monument. Make sure you bring your headphones.

What did we do before smart phones? Paper maps were so hard to use!

George & Jo Anne

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Roman Holiday

Rome is a super attraction for visitors the world over. It is a marvelously preserved ancient city. Rome has two main parts, inside the old walls and outside. Inside the walls encompasses most tourist attractions (but not all – Villa Borghese is outside the walls on a hill). You can walk this part of Rome easily. In August be aware of the heat and have plenty of water. Rome has an excellent metro system (subway) that can get you anywhere you want to go. Rome also has several train stations that connect it to major and minor Italian cities as well as the rest of Europe.

Sites like the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Old Rome and Pantheon attract visitors each year. Try to enjoy the small streets and local restaurants between these cities. Stop for some chocolate or a gelato. Watch the Italians and the visitors. You can easily tell them apart. If you are in love, this is a city of romance. Share it with the person you love. Be spontaneous and romantic. Enjoy this great city.

Walk the old streets of old Rome. Think about the fact that you are walking the same cobblestones as the ancient Romans. Breathing the air looking at the mountains. Of course Rome is a huge modern city now but let your imagination run wild for just a moment. When you get tired stop and have a something to eat and order local wine. Don’t go to tourist places. Pick something that local Italians are eating at. For just a short time you are a Roman!

George & Jo Anne


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Fun Ways to Better Enjoy Italy!

The Travel Guide and BLOG gives 8 ways to better enjoy your trip to beautiful Italia:

  1. Be Prepared for Public Transportation
  2. Have reasonable expectations on where you can go and what you can see
  3. Get off the Tourist Trail
  4. Know busy times from slow times
  5. Learn a little about Italian regions
  6. Pack appropriately
  7. Shop at Markets
  8. Pick up some Italian

Read the above BLOG for more information on each of the eight topics listed. Italy is a place to enjoy and have fun. It is not a place to be hidden in a tour group with a bunch of other Americans. Leave the bus behind! Get out on your own and experience the real Italy. Not being part of a formal tour means:

  1. Better food! The tours go to places that specialize in feeding a lot of people quickly and giving a kick back to the tour company. Italians do nor prepare or eat their food quickly.
  2. Better time at the tourist attractions. You can spend as much or as little time as you want at each attraction. Get a guide-book. They all list the top ten things you must do. You won’t miss anything and you probably will see much more.
  3. When you are tired sit at an outside table at a trattoria and have something to eat with some wine. Watch the Italians around you. This is so much better than sitting on a bus looking at Italy through a window.
  4. Take side trips to towns nearby that interest you. The train system in Italy is fast, efficient and easy to use. Check schedules for last train back.
  5. Don’t shop at obvious tourist shops. They are selling junk that may not even be made in Italy. Look for small Italian stores off the turist streets.
  6. Eat in small Italian trattorias, never in tourist restaurants. Don’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers! Eat real Italian food. You can get the American junk food when you return  but you can not get the type and quality of Italian food in America. It is different!
  7. Walk if you are able or take Metros (they are safe, fast and efficient) or a taxi.

Remember one thing, Italy is to be enjoyed! So enjoy it!

George & Jo Anne


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Why Do I Love Italy?

There are so many reasons to love Italy. So many Americans (Italians and others) love going to Italy. What is our attraction? Why do we long for this small country? Here are some of my many reasons for loving Italy:

  1. The country side is very beautiful
  2. The people are friendly
  3. Italians love Americans
  4. The food is fantastic (and you can’t get it outside of Italy – it just isn’t the same)
  5. The wine is superb
  6. The chocolate is unforgettable
  7. The gelato is soooo much better than ice cream
  8. The cities are old (ancient) and the architecture is fantastic
  9. Each small town has its own appeal
  10. The autostradas are fast, wide and make driving enjoyable
  11. The trains work and  are very fast
  12. Italians believe in “Dolce fa niente”!

If you haven’t gone yet, GO! (or as the Italians would say VAI VAI). Life is too short to miss Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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