How I Plan a Trip to Europe

Planning a trip to Europe can be expensive and frustrating. In this video I give ideas for saving money, planning and creating a trip that will be fun and memorable. Don’t spend your time running around a city and traveling between cities. Enjoy life in Europe. Be a European while you are there. Make contact with locals, communicate, observe life around you. Enjoy the museums and sites but also savor the food and wine. Watch the Europeans around you. How do they live their lives?

The video below will help you plan a memorable and rewarding trip to Europe. Buon Viaggio…



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February Weather in Italy

Italy has a vast range of weather. In the north with the Alps there is a lot of snow and cold. Rome can be cold but is usually more moderate because of its proximity to the sea. Southern Italy is more a Mediterranean climate with Sicily usually hot. This year has brought snow throughout Italy, even Sicily. It didn’t last long in the south but it had its impact. People in the south are not used to snow so driving is more treacherous. The roads, especially the mountain roads, can be very treacherous in icey or snowy conditions.

February weather is typically as follows:

  • Northern Italy: 25-45°F (-4-5°C)
  • Central Italy: 40-55°F (5-13°C)
  • Southern Italy: 50-60°F (10-16°C)

Choose where you go in the winter by what type of weather you like. Usually you can’t swim even in very mild weather. The sea is very violent in the winter months but becomes calm and smooth in the summer.

Enjoy where you choose. Meet the local people, eat the local foods and drink the local wines. Remember to try the local chocolates and gelato. Be romantic, after all it is ITALY!

George & Jo Anne


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Snow in Italy

We are getting an arctic blast and so is Europe! Italy has snow in the South. The boot of Italy and Sicily has snow. This is unheard of. Sicily is only about 100 miles from Africa and it has snow. This is as rare as Southern California getting snow. When it happens people take off from work to play in the snow.

This area of Italy is mountainous with narrow roads on mountain cliffs. They really were not designed to be driven in the snow. Did any of my readers go to Italy and see this? Rome can get snow each year but it is usually only a small amount and doesn’t last long. Below is the Coliseum in Rome in the snow.

Snow Coleseum

This rare phenomena is caused by arctic air from the north coming south over the Alps and down the length of the Italian peninsula. Most people don’t like snow except on the ski slopes. This is something to see and experience once. If it gets too cold just stop in the local bar for a coffee, drink or something to eat. Enjoy …

George & Jo


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Euros and Europe

Tis the season to travel to Europe! The dollar is down compared to the Euro which is great for us. Not long ago we were paying $1.40 to buy a Euro. Today it’s $1.24. That is about 13% better! Imagine a 13% discount on your travel expenses. This time of year is crowded with Americans and airfares can be up. You still can find a good fare if you shop. Many Americans like to travel over Thanksgiving week or the week after because they get 2 extra days. If you go Thanksgiving week you only take off 3 days and get 9 days of vacation. If you go the week after you take 5 days of vacation and get 11 days of vacation.

Christmas is also a great time in Europe. You can feel the holiday spirit in the lights and stores around Europe. In northern Europe you have an excellent chance of a white Christmas. Join the Europeans in a bar, pub or restaurant. Warm yourself by the fire and enjoy your food and drink slowly. Look around you and observe the European way of life.

Europe is romantic! Go and rekindle your relationship. Don’t travel to 21 cities in 21 days. Don’t hop country to country. Pick your favorite spot and enjoy a relaxing time with the person you love. Hold hands and stroll the streets slowly. This will make memories you will never forget.

George & Jo Anne


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Weather in Europe

Europe in general is having some weather related problems. Italy is mostly under a warning now.

Italy Weather 11-6-14

Yellow being a warning, gold a stronger warning and red the most severe warnings. All but a small part of northern Italy is under warnings for rain, lightning and in some areas hail. If you are going to Italy in the winter (rainy season and snow season in the north) check the expected weather conditions. Dress appropriately.

Rain doesn’t ruin a vacation, especially to Italy. On bad days plan your museum trips and be inside. Normally you will have days that are not raining or times in each day that are not raining. adjust your planned schedule to accommodate the weather. This is another reason big tours are bad. If it’s raining hard and you are headed to Tivoli Gardens, you will be outside in the rain.

George & Jo Anne


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