Villa Brunella

Capri, Italy

The Isle of Capri is a true place of beauty. This is why it became the playground of the rich and famous. Many people are confused by the isle’s name of Capri and the city of Capri on the Isle. The Isle has two main cities: Capri and Anacapri. This island is rugged with cliffs and a huge mountain near Anacapri. It has two beaches, the large and small beaches. The ferries drop you off at the large beach. There is a large marina there and porters will take your bags to your hotel. This is a great idea since you will be walking.

Once at the marina at the large beach you can take a bus up a windy road or a funicular up the hill to the center of Capri city.Take the funicular. it is fast and fun. At the top is the main piazza with its clock tower. In this area are many restaurants, bars, gelaterias and stores. Many of the small streets are alley like but take them and you will discover many interesting stores and shops.

So many tourists opt to come on a ferry in the morning and leave in the evening. This is the biggest mistake you can make! Stay at least one night. After the tourists have left, the locals come out. Be a local and enjoy life. This is what being an Italian in Italy is all about. Remember Italy is not a quest to visit as many places as you can in a week. It is about the food, the people, the life, the museums and the cities. You can not fully enjoy or understand Italy without sitting back in each city and being part of the life. Running through a city causes you to miss the life all together reducing Italy to just another tourist destination. Believe me, Italy is not just another tourist attraction!

Come walk with us through the cities of Capri and Anacapri and join us on a boat ride around the Isle. Be romantic in one of the most romantic places on Earth…

– George

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The Magnificent Views of Italy

It doesn’t matter where you are in Italy. There are views and eye-catching sights everywhere. You can be in a big city looking at a famous monument, on a small street, looking at a small city high up on a mountain, at the beach, climbing stairs or sitting at a small trattoria. Italy is all about its architecture. It has a personality all to itself. Here you stand on ancient roads, some dating pre-Roman. You feel and see its history. At the same time there is a modern culture all around you. iPhones, iPad and computers are everywhere. Most bars have free wi-fi service.

We come to Italy for the food, the people and these views. I love the feeling of being in an ancient place. Thinking about those ancient people and what they did, what they felt. Was their life that different from ours? These views can talk to you! Just listen and hear what they are saying. This is not a country to be rushed. Stop, relax and take in these views. Listen to them. Imaging yourself back in those times. Soon your modern problems give way to an appreciation of this great history.

My wish to all my readers is to be able to travel. experience another culture. Enjoy life more. There is so much to experience and learn. Pick a place you are passionate about and visit it. Put it on your bucket list. life is short but memories are forever.

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My passion is Italy, what is yours?


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Capri City

So we are on the Island of Capri and in the city of Capri. It is beautiful here. Most streets are pedestrian walkways but watch for hotel golf carts and scooters. There are many places to eat here and small stores where you can buy things to take back to your hotel. A bottle wine, some olives, fresh tomatoes, artichokes and of course great bread. Spread them out on a table top and you have a party.

We stayed in villa Brunella, a wonderful hotel. The pool  is great with fantastic views and a snack bar. There is also a restaurant on the top-level near the entrance. You will descend and climb many steps. The best rooms and most expensive are near the restaurant at the top levels. Each room (suit) is on its own level and has a living area, bedroom area and large bath with both a tub and shower. The bedroom is raised a step from the living room and faces sliding doors onto the terrace. You have a splendid view from the bedroom, living area and terrace.

B-Capri be B-Capri bzg B-Capri bd

Views from Villa Brunella

Imagine waking up in Capri with this view and breakfast sent to the room. Romantic and beautiful. Breakfast is important because you will climb stairs and walk a lot to see this wonderful small city. A short hike back to the funicular places you in the middle of restaurants, bars, gelato stores and many designer shops. Things are not cheep here, after all this is Capri.

From the hotel if you go right to the end of the road, you get a fantastic view of Faraglioni Rock. This famous tourist attractions allows you to take a boat through a hole in the rock. From one side it looks like a giant gorilla.

B-Capri cd B-Capri cu

Faraglioni Rock and Mount Vesuvious

There are many many steps down to the sea. There are two restaurants at the bottom and a place to get a private boat (order from the hotel first). The boat will take you around the Island and to the Blue Grotto if you want.

Enjoy a night or two in this wonderful city. See Capri after the tourists have left on their ferries. It is magical!

My next BLOG takes us to the other city on Capri Isle, AnaCapri.



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Capri Pictorial

Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is the playground of the rich and famous. It is located off the Sorrento coast south of Naples. You can go by ferry from Naples, Sorrento or Positano. There are two types of ferries: the regular and the high-speed. The high-speed makes the trip much faster but costs more. The island has two main cities:

  1. Capri
  2. Anacapri

The ferries come into the large seaport below Capri. You can take a bus up to the main square or the funicular.

B-Capri aa

Funicular Entrance

B-Capri ab

Funicular Track

B-Capri ad

View of harbor from top of funicular

B-Capri ae (2)

Clock tower in Capri main square

B-Capri ag

Narrow pedestrian streets of Capri

B-Capri bd

View from hotel Villa Brunella

B-Capri be

Pool at Villa Brunella

B-Capri cd

Fragolini Rock

B-Capri cu

Mount Vesuvius near Naples

B-Capri do


B-Capri dr

House at Anacapri

B-Capri dt

Square at Anacapri


Bus from Capri to Anacapri

Capri is romantic and beautiful. Spend at least one night there as the locals come out after the day tourists leave.

George & Jo Anne


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Villa Brunella Capri

Capri is a magical Island. Most people take a ferry just for the day. If you do this, you miss out on the real magic! Capri comes alive in the evening when most of the tourists are gone. Those that remain and the locals walk the streets and have dinner in fantastic restaurants. Don’t miss the magic. Stay at least one night.

If you want your hotel to be magical as well, stay at Villa Brunella. Villa Brunella is truly a magical hotel on the island of Capri, Italy. The address is Via Tragara 24, 80073 Capri, Island of Capri, Italy. It is built on the side of a hill overlooking the small marina. All the rooms are on top of each other going down the hill. You have the entire level to yourself. The views are breathtaking. The rooms at the top are the best. We had room # 54 which the owner proclaimed to be the best in the hotel. Our room had an outdoor balcony overlooking the pool and the sea. The room was a suite with a living room, bedroom and large bathroom. You wake up in bed looking out a glass wall at the sea and a mountain overlooking the small marina. We had breakfast each day on our patio enjoying the weather and views. The owner and staff are fabulous. You do have to be in shape since our room was a good 75 steps down from the street and we were one of the top rooms.

B-Capri bzg

Our View

Live like a King & Queen and enjoy your stay. It will cost you but then you can’t put a cost on true romance, adventure and magic!

This hotel is only gotten to on foot. Long winding ways lead you to the opposite side of the Island from the ferry marina. Don’t worry, porters will take your luggage at the ferry and deliver it safely to your hotel.

George & Jo Anne

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