WiFi in Italy

Many of the small bars in Italy offer free WiFi. You can sip a Cafè or Cappuccino while face booking friends about your trip. There are other hotspots in the major cities. Some hotels offer it free others charge for WiFi. We recently found a company, Wi Tourist, that offers a device that produces a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 – 10 devices (depending on device). You can pick it up at the major airports or they will deliver it to your hotel and pick it up at the end of your stay. The price ranges from 3 to 7 Euros per day. The speed ranges from 7.2 to 100 Mbps. After 12 days the price drops to 1 Euro per day for all plans.

This allows WiFi coverage at hotels that charge 10 Euros per day for a very reasonable price. You are on vacation and WiFi and the internet should nor be your main concern. Many travelers must stay in touch with their office or are on business not vacation. This device can be an economical solution.

George & Jo Anne


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