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Where do Americans go most often?

According to, Americans go to these top ten cities outside the USA:

  1. Cancun Mexico
  2. London England
  3. San Juan Puerto Rico
  4. Paris France
  5. Toronto Canada
  6. Rome Italy
  7. Montego Bay Jamaica
  8. Barcelona Spain
  9. Punta Cana Dominican Republic
  10. Nassau Bahamas

Americans travel a lot! How many of these places have you been to? I have been to nine of them (I have not yet visited Punta Cana. My list would be in a different order:

  1. Rome Italy
  2. Paris France
  3. Cancun Mexico
  4. San Juan Puerto Rico
  5. Barcelona Spain
  6. Toronto Canada
  7. Nassau Bahamas
  8. London England
  9. Montego Bay Jamaica

I would also add Venice, Florence, the french and Italian Rivera’s and Lisbon. What are your favorites?

George & Jo Anne


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